Allez Les Bleus

Ginola, Robert, Ben Arfa and Saint-Maximin in full fl
  1. David Ginola. The poster boy of Keegan’s entertainers, scorer of magnificent goals, tormentor of right backs and wearer of incredible hair.
  2. Laurent Robert. Possessing what seemed like the hardest shot in the whole of football, scorer of incredible goals, wearer of grey pants. Brilliant in the Robson era.
  3. Hatem Ben Arfa. The dropper of the Hatem bomb. A technical wizard who could run through entire teams without changing direction. Twice. The true wearer of the mercurial label. The perfect summary of Pardew’s reign.
  4. Allan Saint-Maximin. The fast-footed, social media star and one of the best dribblers in world football. Only bright spark of Bruce’s reign, incredibly important to Howe.
  1. David Ginola. I spent a long time, with my mate Woody, trying to recreate Ginola’s goal against Ferencvaros in the schoolyard, therefore Ginola wins.
  2. Allan Saint-Maximin. His electric dribbling should be the perfect inspiration to all those headband-wearing schoolyard legends.
  3. Laurent Robert. Who wouldn’t want to be the scorer of ridiculously hard-hit goals? Probably inspired more people to wildly miss by aiming to kick the ball as hard as possible.
  4. Hatem Ben Arfa. Sorry Hatem, I think that you are fourth because of being a little too mercurial.
  1. Hatem Ben Arfa — £5.4m, in today’s money £14.8m
  2. Allan Saint-Maximin — £16.2m, in today’s money £16.2m
  3. Ginola — £2.5m, in today’s money £24.4m
  4. Laurent Robert — £12.8m, in today’s money £29.1m
  1. Laurent Robert. 0.47 G+A per 90
  2. Hatem Ben Arfa. 0.47 G+A per 90
  3. Allan Saint-Maximin. 0.37 G+A per 90
  4. David Ginola. 0.35 G+A per 90
  1. Hatem Ben Arfa, 3.18
  2. Allan Saint-Maximin, 2.22
  3. Laurent Robert, 1,62
  4. David Ginola, 1.43
  1. David Ginola — Ferencvaros — by far his best goal for Newcastle, the control, chipping the defender only to volley into the top corner. Wonderful.
  2. Laurent Robert — Fulham. It could’ve been any one of a number of freekicks or that volley against Spurs but no. That overhead scorpion kick. There’s just no way he should’ve scored that.
  3. Hatem Ben Arfa — Blackburn. Another that scored some cracking goals. You’ll most often see his long-distance dribble against Bolton. The goal against Blackburn in the FA Cup, however, was better.
  4. Allan Saint-Maximin — Oxford — Yes, the helicopter goal in the FA Cup. We needed a moment of magic to break down a gritty Oxford side. ASM provided.
  1. Laurent Robert. To have a player on the right wing who possesses pace like Robert, coupled with his ability to both score and provide. In a modern system, I think he’d have ended up even better. We’re crying out for output from our wingers, he’d provide.
  2. Allan Saint-Maximin. We’ve just watched him at his destructive best. He often struggles for output but he does have in the ability to move the entire team forward by taking on and beating players, and being able to drive defences back with the threat of his pace to exploit any space in behind.
  3. Hatem Ben Arfa. With a really strong goal and assist ratio coupled with pace and trickery on the ball, Ben Arfa would fit into the modern team. Question marks would be around his consistency and work-rate though.
  4. David Ginola. In a game plan that requires pace from our wide forwards to take advantage of the space behind fullbacks that push on. While being no slouch, Ginola wasn’t the fastest, nor did he have the greatest output so, despite holding legendary status, I don’t think he makes it in.
  1. Robert — 16 Points
  2. Ben Arfa — 16 Points
  3. Saint-Maximin — 15 Points
  4. Ginola — 13 points



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Liam FitzGerald

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